Discover the exciting world of electroacoustic music and learn to make music with sounds.


Develop your skills in listening through the guided listening exercises in the Listening Room, and test your skills in the listening challenges. Discover the diverse range of musical styles within sound based music and use these to inspire your own imagination. Learn how composers connect their knowledge of sounds with their imagination to create new works of sound based music.


Discover the exciting world of sound based music. Learn how recording technology revolutionised music and allowed composers to explore all sounds, not just those made by musical instruments. Find out about how sounds work, and what gives them their own unique characteristics. And explore the different ways in which composers select and use sounds to make a wide range of sound based music styles.



Get to grips with the possibilities of sound transformation and learn how to use the Compose with Sounds software to create your very own pieces. There are a range of compositional challenges and exercises to help fire your imagination, along with hints and tips to help you convert your explorations of sound into musical works that express your wildest imagination.