Discover the exciting world of electroacoustic music and learn to make music with sounds.

Composition Tutorials

Helpful guides to aid you in creating your own pieces. Use these to help you come up with new ideas, or if you are stuck wondering where to take your piece next.

Energy and Flow

Energy is behind every sound, it is the cause of soundwave vibrations and all sounds must follow the natural laws of energy.

Being aware of energy patterns and flow can help us to create gestures and sounds which listeners find natural and realistic.

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To transform and develop the sound material, we use simple but very powerful tools, as in many other musical genres.

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The question of how to structure materials can be difficult. We will examine a number of possible strategies and encourage you to develop your own.

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When working with recorded sound, Space becomes a powerful element within compositions. Both the positioning of sound, and the impression of space can be really important.

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Sounds are defined by the silence that surrounds them. And, in this way, silence itself becomes a key element in composition.

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Textures make up a big part of music.

We will explore and learn how we can use them in our own compositions.

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Music is full of gestures: an action or sound that is going somewhere.

We will explore and learn how we can use them in our own compositions.

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Less is More

If composers feel that their piece is not quite right, they often rush in to add more and more sounds.

But is that sensible? What if the piece requires greater space and fewer sounds.

Sometimes taking sounds away can be a better compositional choice. Leaving behind only the very best ideas.

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