Discover the exciting world of electroacoustic music and learn to make music with sounds.

The Science of Sounds

Explore the inner workings of sound.
How do sounds work? Where do they come from? How are we able to hear them? What happens when you record a sound? and more.



A filter is a manipulation tool which can alter the relative balance of frequencies within a sound.

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When sounds are added together, they can create new textures. However, we can also use one sound to control the properties of another, creating patterns or rhythms.

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Complex Soundwaves

Most objects vibrate in a more complex way than a simple back and forth motion. The more complex the vibrations, the more complex the resulting soundwaves.

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Where do Sounds come from?


Discover how sounds are created and understand the fundamental relationship between objects, their properties and the sounds that they make.

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Capturing and Reproducing Sounds


If sound is caused by vibrating objects, and every object vibrates in its own unique way, then how are headphones or loudspeakers able to play back such a diversity of sounds?

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Layers of Sound


When listening to field recordings, people soon recognised that animals communicated to each other using different pitch ranges.

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