Discover the exciting world of electroacoustic music and learn to make music with sounds.

2. Intermediate

Explore new ways of thinking about sounds and new approaches to composing with them.

Spiral Kit (“Spiralensetzbaukasten”)

Drone Music

Drone Music is made from long, sustained tones which are added to or subtracted from over time.

You Need a Cab?

Listen to and explore the sounds in the piece: You Need a Cab?

Unwanted Sounds

Noise is normally described as ‘unwanted sound’. But noise sounds can be very interesting too.

Basketball Glitch

Listen to and explore the sounds in this piece: Basketball Glitch


A filter is a manipulation tool which can alter the relative balance of frequencies within a sound.


To transform and develop the sound material, we use simple but very powerful tools, as in many other musical genres.


The question of how to structure materials can be difficult. We will examine a number of possible strategies and encourage you to develop your own.


When working with recorded sound, Space becomes a powerful element within compositions. Both the positioning of sound, and the impression of space can be really important.


Sounds are defined by the silence that surrounds them. And, in this way, silence itself becomes a key element in composition.

Dirty Sounds

Create a piece from dirty and unwanted sounds.

Complex Soundwaves

Most objects vibrate in a more complex way than a simple back and forth motion. The more complex the vibrations, the more complex the resulting soundwaves.

Music and Maths

For thousands of years people have tried to use Maths to describe and understand music.


Chance and randomness can be a really good way to find new sounds and generate new ideas. But some composers decided to go even further and hand over most of the compositional decisions to chance.

Modes of Listening

Learn to listen in different ways. Either to the properties of the sound itself (musical listening), or to the source of the sound (contextual listening).

Layers of Sound

When listening to field recordings, people soon recognised that animals communicated to each other using different pitch ranges.

Noise and Glitch

People normally divide sounds into noise (unwanted sound) and music. But, noise music takes these rejected sounds and makes deliberate use of them.

Timbre / Sound Quality

How can you describe the texture of sounds?

Journey Composition

Compose a piece of music that will take the listener on a journey.

Composing Textures and Gestures

Compose with gesture and texture.

Sounds Around Us

What do sounds tell us about a situation?

Further develop your listening skills and learn to decode the sounds around us.

Space: Location and Movement

The spatial position of sound is one of the most important elements in our experience of sound.

Space: Environment and Architecture

Learn how spaces influence, and add to, the sounds that travel through them and how this can be used in composition.

Log Cabin

Listen to and explore the sounds in the: Log Cabin