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Art of Noises

Written by Russolo, LuigiItalian artist and writer who wanted to make music with all sounds. In 1913 he wrote the 'Art of Noises', a leaflet arguing for composers and musicians to use all sounds, especially noise sounds.More infoLuigi Russolo, the leaflet argued that traditional orchestras limited themselves to only four or five different types of sounds:

  1. Instruments played with the bow,
  2. Plucked instruments,
  3. Brass instruments,
  4. Woodwinds, and
  5. Percussion.

He demanded: “We must break out of this narrow circle of pure musical sounds, and conquer the infinite variety of noise-sounds.”

“Let us [...] invite young musicians of genius and audacity to listen attentively to all noises, so that they may understand the varied rhythms [and tones] of which they are composed. […] Then, comparing the varied timbres of noises with those of musical tones, they will be convinced how much more [diverse and interesting are noise-sounds than traditional orchestral sounds].”