Discover the exciting world of electroacoustic music and learn to make music with sounds.


A tool that allows you to change the variable ParameterA variable property that can be altered.More infoparameters of a sound over time.


By plotting points of automation it is possible to make Manipulation (effect)A process by which sounds are changed or transformed. There are many manipulations available within the CwS software. Manipulations are sometimes referred to as 'effects'.More infoManipulations (effects) change over time. This allows the composer to create changing processes and to cause sounds to gradually evolve.

Automation can often be applied to any parameter in a manipulation. It is perhaps most frequently used in changing the LoudnessThe relative volume of a sound, ranging from loud to quiet.More infoLoudness of sounds (via GainGain is a measure of how loudly the sound plays back. You can change gain, just like you can turn the volume up or down on your TV or stereo.More infoGain automation) or in controlling the PanningThe placement of sounds left and right between a stereo pair of speakers.More infoPanning of sounds.