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Harmoniser a manipulation in which several versions of an input sound of identical DurationLength in time. In our case for a sound, or a group of sounds.More infoDuration (in PhaseSound waves can both add together and subtract from one another. When soundwaves add together they are described as being 'in phase' with one another. When soundwaves subtract from one another they are described as being 'out of phase'.More infoPhase) are created at specifically chosen pitches. This manipulation can be used to create both HarmonicA concentration of sound wave energy that relates to a fundamental frequency.More infoHarmonic and InharmonicAn inharmonic sound is a complex sound in which the sound energy is not distributed across the spectrum in a mathmatically ordered fashion.More infoInharmonic polyphonic textures.

Harmonising is a form of sound manipulation that allows for a signal to play in a harmony with itself. Traditionally this would involve intervals similar to those found on a piano above and below the original sound. In Compose with Sounds, you can still choose these traditional values associated with note-based music or any value in between. There are four values that are to be input alongside the intensity of the original sound. This last option allows for the original to be quieter than the other sounds produced.