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Musique Concrète

A term created by Schaeffer, Pierrea radio engineer and composer who founded the group that became the GRM (Musical Research Group). He studied sounds and developed the idea of Musique Concrète.More infoPierre Schaeffer in 1948 to describe his new music, which started from the concrete sound material, from heard sound. Schaeffer wanted people to ignore the source and cause of the concrete sounds, and instead focus upon the musicality of sounds. He wanted to encourage Musical ListeningListening to sounds in terms of their own sonic and musical characteristics. It is the opposite of [ears2_encyclopaedia_entry_link id="175"]Contextual listening[/ears2_encyclopaedia_entry_link].More infoMusical Listening for all sounds.

Many early works of Musique Concrète, due to the unsophisticated tools on offer, could be listened to both in terms of their sources as well as their musical qualities.