Discover the exciting world of electroacoustic music and learn to make music with sounds.

Visual Representation

Drawing sounds with shapes so as to create a graphic notation of sounds.

WaveformA common way of showing sounds visually. It displays how sounds change in [ears2_encyclopaedia_entry_link id="163"]Amplitude[/ears2_encyclopaedia_entry_link] over time and allows viewers to clearly see the [ears2_encyclopaedia_entry_link id="190"]Envelope[/ears2_encyclopaedia_entry_link]([ears2_encyclopaedia_entry_link id="160"]ADSR (Attack, Decay, Sustain, Release)[/ears2_encyclopaedia_entry_link]) of sounds.More infoWaveforms are the most common visual represntations. SonogramA visual display of frequency distribution for a sound over time.More infoSonogram are also fairly common.

But we can design and create our own systems of graphic notation.