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Presque rien [Almost Nothing] No.1 (by Luc Ferrari)

Luc Ferrari dans le studio de la rue de l'Université (1963), Laszlo Ruszka ©INA-GRM

About the Piece

This is a short excerpt from the work ‘Almost Nothing’ composed by Luc Ferrari. The work was made from recordings taken across the course of a whole day, and then edited down through SpliceTo cut up a sound file.More infosplicing.

Presque Rien No. 1 - Excerpt

The Luc Ferrari placed his MicrophoneA tool for capturing sound wave vibrations as they travel through the air.More infomicrophones on the windowsill of his house and recorded the sounds of life in the fishing village around him.

He then took these recordings into the studio and selected his favourite sounds (through splicing) before editing the chosen sounds back together in order to create a concentrated, but realistic, soundscape picture of the village.

About the Composer

Luc Ferrari began his musical career as a pianist but became interested in tape music after hearing works by Edgard Varèse on the radio. He travelled to America to meet Varèse in 1954 and began to learn from him about making music with sounds.

He returned to Paris and co-founded the GRM with Pierre Schaeffer in 1958. He composed many works of electroacoustic music in his career making extensive use of field recordings and anecdotal sound.


The full piece is available from INA/GRM, as part of a box set of works by Luc Ferrari.

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