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Assessment: Drawing Sounds

Q1 of 5: Why might we want to draw sounds?3.soundshape

The correct answer is To understand sounds in new ways, and gain a greater understanding of sounds.

Q2 of 5: What type of visualisation is shown in the image?ClockSpectrogramsm

The correct answer is Spectrogram

Q3 of 5: What do Drawn Sounds tell us about the sound?2.soundshape

The correct answer is This allows us to understand sounds in our own personal way, and allows us to include all of the information which we think is important.

Q4 of 5: What does the Spectrogram view tell us about the sound?ClockSpectrogramsm

The correct answer is It can show us the frequencies that are happening within the sound, and how they change over time.

Q5 of 5: What are the limitations of the Spectrogram View?ClockSpectrogramsm

The correct answer is It can be more difficult to read than the waveform, and takes much more computer power to show sounds in this way.