Discover the exciting world of electroacoustic music and learn to make music with sounds.

Free Sounds

This is a picture of the session in the Compose With Sounds software.

This is how it looks like to edit and combine sounds)

Apply your knowledge of basic sound transformations to create your own piece that makes free use of sounds, transformed from their original state.


Load up Compose with Sounds and start experimenting with the transformations to create new sounds.

  • Reverse
  • Loop
  • Transposition
  • Pan

Use these transformation processes to explore what you can do by changing the different properties of sound.

At the end of the piece it should be difficult to hear where the original sounds came from.

Play your piece to a friend and ask them to describe the sounds that you have created.

Sound Card Pack

Click the following image to download a pack of sound cards and load them into the Compose with Sounds software.

Sound card Pack