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Assessment: Musique Concrète

Q1 of 5: Where did Musique Concrète begin?

The correct answer is In the Paris studios founded by Pierre Schaeffer.

Q2 of 5: Is the following TRUE?: Pierre Schaeffer and his colleagues were fascinated by sounds and the way in which sounds had their own life, when separated from the object that created them.

The correct answer is yes

Q3 of 5: Key manipulations in Musique Concrète are:

The correct answer is Splice, reverse, time-stretch and loop.

Q4 of 5: What does a Splice do?

The correct answer is It is a process of cutting the sound, in which the composer selects the most significant parts of the recording and brings them together.

Q5 of 5: Complete the sentence: Musique Concrète is ….

The correct answer is Not so interested in focusing on where sounds come from, but what they can turn them into.