Discover the exciting world of electroacoustic music and learn to make music with sounds.

Sound Card Packs


Choose from a range of sound card packs, that are ready for immediate use within the Compose With Sounds software.

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Abstract Sounds

Sounds which we are unable to link with a specific source (Sound Source). When we hear Abstract Sounds we usually think about them as sounds in their own right; we do not hear the source that caused them (see also Musical Listening).

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This word was first used by ancient Greeks and describes an audio-only presentation of sounds (free from the distraction of association with the sounds Sound Sources). When we listen to music on the radio or through an mp3 player we are listening in an acousmatic way.

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Electroacoustic music

Music in which electronic technology is used to manipulate, eventually generate, explore and combine sounds. 

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Environmental sound

Sounds that come from the environment, this term might most often be used to refer to natural sounds (wind rustling through the trees, birds tweeting, waves crashing on a beach, etc.) but could also refer to sounds from an urban, man-made environment (machinery, cars, engines, etc.) .

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Field Recording

Recording that takes place outside of controlled studio environments.

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Organised sound

A term used to describe music, thus allowing any sound to be used as musical material.

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Sound source

This is the perceived cause of a sound.

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