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Assessment: Soundscape Music

Q1 of 5: What separates Field Recording and Soundscape Music?

The correct answer is Soundscape music involves editing. Soundscapes will most often try to highlight the key sounds within recordings and take the listener on a journey in sound.

Q2 of 5: Is it TRUE that Soundscape pieces can only be made with recordings from nature?

The correct answer is no

Q3 of 5: What does splicing do?

The correct answer is It is a process of cutting the sound, in which the composer selects the most significant parts of the recording and brings them together.

Q4 of 5: What does a filter do?

The correct answer is It allows the composer to isolate or highlight specific sections of the sound spectrum.

Q5 of 5: Which of the following is TRUE?

The correct answer is Editing and manipulation processes in Soundscape Music are often subtle, so as to keep the listener believing in the new sonic environments.