Discover the exciting world of electroacoustic music and learn to make music with sounds.

Woodland Soundwalk

Listen to and explore the sounds in the: Woodland Soundwalk

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Contextual listening

Listening for the purpose of identifying and gaining information about a sound’s source. It is the opposite of Musical Listening. (also known as causal listening).

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Environmental sound

Sounds that come from the environment, this term might most often be used to refer to natural sounds (wind rustling through the trees, birds tweeting, waves crashing on a beach, etc.) but could also refer to sounds from an urban, man-made environment (machinery, cars, engines, etc.) .

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Heightened listening

A focused and attentive approach to sounds in which the listener focuses upon the details of sounds, perhaps free from the source bonded associations.

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Properties of sounds

Sounds are fairly complex phenomena. When we try to describe sounds it is helpful to break them down and to examine their various component parts individually. Properties of sounds include, Loudness, Pitch, Duration and Timbre.

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Sound source

This is the perceived cause of a sound.

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Sound Walk

A walk where the participant (or participants) concentrates on listening.

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