Manipulated Sounds


Manipulated Sounds (Beginner)

<h4>In this project you will:</h4> <ul> <li>Be introduced to the revolution that occurred in sound, facilitated by recording.</li> <li>Begin to think about sounds on their own, separated from the object that causes them.</li> <li>Develop your listening skills and begin to explore the ways in which you can transform and control sound.</li> <li>Learn about the parameters of sound and use all of this knowledge to create your own composition using manipulated sounds.</li> </ul>


Manipulated Sounds (Intermediate)

<h4>In this project you will:</h4> <ul> <li>Continue to expand your skills in listening and begin to consider the different modes of listening.</li> <li>Begin to explore sounds as abstract objects free from their original source or cause, learning about gesture and texture.</li> <li>Be introduced to Electroacoustic Music and work towards creating your own piece, which explores the textures and gestures available within sounds.</li> <li>Use transformation to explore sounds, invent entirely new sounds and take listeners on a journey in abstract sound.</li> </ul>


Manipulated Sounds (Advanced)

<h4>In this project you will:</h4> <ul> <li>Explore the abstraction of sounds to their fullest extent in the creation of minimal, ambient and textural works.</li> <li>Be encouraged to consider that less can sometimes be more.</li> <li>Use subtle shifts and complex soundwave interactions to create a discourse of ebbs and flows within the textural materials that you create.</li> <li>Create enveloping, ambient works.</li> </ul>