A change of volume over time, usually moving from or to silence (fade-in or fade-out).

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FFT (Fast Fourier Transform)

A method which allows the visualisation of a sounds energy distribution over time. FFT (or Fast Fourier Transform) is a tool used to represent graphically the spectral constituents of a…

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Field Recording

Recording that takes place outside of controlled studio environments. Field recording allows for the capture of sounds from objects which could never fit within a recording studio or sound stage.…

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A filter changes the frequency makeup of a sound by making parts of it weaker. Filters allow you to focus on parts of a sound that are of interest to…

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Filter Sweep

The combination of Automation and a Filter, creating a dynamic sound gesture. Filter Sweep This is an example of a filter sweep. You can hear the filter changing over time. As the filter…

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An effect that uses very short Delays (in ms) to create a cancellation effect when a delayed copy of a sound is added to the original audio stream. See Phase. Flanging is…

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FM (Frequency Modulation)

FM (Frequency Modulation) Involves one frequency affecting another. FM can be applied as an effect or used as a form of synthesis (see below). The frequency of an input or…

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The shape and structure of one, or a group of many, sounds. Form might refer to the shape and structure of individual sounds, or of an entire piece. It is…

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A technical term that describes Pitch. The higher the frequency of a sound the higher it sounds in pitch. Frequency is measured in Hertz (Hz). The number of wave cycles per…

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A group of artists, writers and musicians who felt that traditional music was out of date. They wanted a new style of music for the new technological age in which…

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