A concentration of sound wave energy that relates to a fundamental frequency. A Sine Wave is a simple sound and a concentration of soundwave energy at a single frequency. Harmonic sounds are…

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Harmoniser a manipulation in which several versions of an input sound of identical Duration (in Phase) are created at specifically chosen pitches. This manipulation can be used to create both Harmonic and Inharmonic polyphonic textures. Harmonising is…

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A pair of small loudspeakers designed to be worn directly on or in the ears. Because these loudspeakers are so close to your ears you should be especially careful with…

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Heightened listening

A focused and attentive approach to sounds in which the listener focuses upon the details of sounds, perhaps free from the source bonded associations.

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High-pass filter

A high-pass filter lets the high frequencies through and removes the low. A High Pass filter allows all frequencies higher than its cut off point to pass. Does not allow any…

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a Microphone technology designed to record sound waves travelling through liquids. Hydrophones, like contact microphones, use piezoelectric crystals to induce an electrical signal. Hydropones get their name from the Greek words for…

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