When a user has been designated as a Group Leader, they gain access to EARS 2 COURSES Administration capabilities. This gives the Group Leader the ability to run reports and communicate with the users in their group(s).

Accessing Group Administration

Group Leaders access Group Administration capabilities when they log into their account. Upon logging in, Group Leaders will see an EARS 2 COURSES menu with the following sub-menus available:

Group / Classroom Administration

The Group Administration menu is where a Group Leader has the ability to:

  • View group users
  • Email group users
  • Export group data
  • Add new members to the Group / Classroom

View Group / Classroom Users

By clicking on List Users from the Group / Classroom Administration menu, Group Leaders can view details for anyone that they manage. This page includes the following fields:

  • Username
  • Name
  • Email
  • Actions (Report)

Email Group / Classroom Members

Group Leaders have the ability to email everyone in a group that they manage. To do this:

  2. Click on List Users
  3. Click the Email Group button above the table of users
  4. Enter an Email Subject
  5. Compose an Email Message
  6. Click Send

Export Group / Classroom Data

There are two reports that can be exported to .csv format by navigating to EARS 2 COURSES > GROUP ADMINISTRATION

  • Course Data (by clicking the Export Progress link) displays all users’ course progress, what lesson they are currently on, and if the course has been marked complete
  • Quiz Data (by clicking the Export Results link) displays all users’ quiz scores, when the quiz was taken, and if the quiz was successfully passed