A common way of showing sounds visually. It displays how sounds change in Amplitude over time and allows viewers to clearly see the Envelope(ADSR (Attack, Decay, Sustain, Release)) of sounds. Waveform...


A common term for Loudness control in many pieces of equipment.

Visual Representation

Drawing sounds with shapes so as to create a graphic notation of sounds. Waveforms are the most common visual represntations. Sonogram are also fairly common. But we can design and create our own syst...


A regular change in Frequency which can be applied to any sound. The rate of change may be very fast or slow. And the amount of change might also be adjusted. Not to be confused with Tremolo


Il Vibrato è un cambiamento regolare nella Frequenza di un suono che può essere applicato a qualsiasi tipo di suono. L’indice di cambiamento può essere più o meno lento o veloce, la quantità di cambia...


A turntablist is a musician who conceives the scratching and mixing of records on a twin-deck turntable as an artistic and expressive medium. Turntablism is the process of creating music this way, by ...


Truncate is a function that allows you to make a sound shorter, by removing sections from one (or both) of its ends.


A regular change in Amplitude that can be applied to any sound. This creates a wobbling effect similar to Flanging. NOT to be confused with Vibrato.


Un cambiamento regolare nell’ Amplitude che può essere applicato a qualsiasi suono. Questo crea un effetto oscillante  simile al  Flanging. Da non confondere con il  Vibrato.