GRM (Musical Research Group)

The GRM was officially founded in 1958, as a new version of various earlier groups (Studio and Club d’Essai, Groupe de Recherche de Musique Concrète) that all shared the aims of experimenting and maki...

Graphic Score

A way of notating music and sound visually but without using traditional notation. Traditional notation provides a performer with instructions about the type of sound that they should create. When we ...


A process that causes the splitting of an existing sound into numerous small sound grains (fragments) which are then re-assembled in a sound cloud.


A process which splits a preexisting sound file into many small grains and then re-assembles these into a cloud.

Granular Synthesis

A method by which sounds are broken into tiny Grains and then reassembled and reorganised to form other sounds.


Grains of Sound Imagine the grains of sand on a beach. Each of them is very small, but together they can form sand castles and even mighty sand dunes. Grains of sound are exactly the same. They are ti...


Glitches are mistakes that come from technology. They might be clicks or pops on a vinyl record or tape, skips on a CD or mistakes in a digital file. Just as in Noise music, composers began to chose t...


A pitch that changes over time.


A Gesture is an energy trajectory (pathway), moving from one point to another. They always move forwards and give the impression of passing time (the opposite would be texture, which is static and foc...

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