Noise Music

This term is associated with various forms of music that have focused on Noise as its key sound quality. In the early 20th century, noise was a focus of some works by the Futurists and Dadaists. More recently it became a key ingredient of the music of many punk musicians. Today use the term, noise music as a category describing their work. Many of these artists are associated with electronica and use noise as their main source material. Note: not all noise music has to be loud. Organised Sound This is the term adopted by the composer Edgard Varèse [in the 1920s] to describe his music. His use of this term reflects in particular his insistence on the musical potential of an expanding ‘palette’ of possible sounds for use in the concert hall, in particular, new kinds of percussion, electronically generated sounds and recorded sounds. The term is often cited in attempts to define music and anticipates the notion of music as a ‘plastic’ art form. [Landy 2007a, 10]