Chorus Användningen av att addera flera lager på ett eller flera ljud, ofta med mycket små förskjutningar. Effekten leder till att ge intrycket av en dubblering av det ursprungliga ljudet,…

Fortsätt läsa Chorus

Close Your Eyes

This is a simple technique used by some people to help with their listening. How does it work? By closing your eyes you block out any visual distractions. Because you…

Fortsätt läsa Close Your Eyes


An artwork in which small fragments are cut and pasted together to make a larger final work. In sound-based music this may concern extremely brief elements of sound material up…

Fortsätt läsa Collage

Composite Gesture

A composite gesture consists of a number of gestures combined into one. In this case an accumulation of gestures together form a single gesture. It is is made up of…

Fortsätt läsa Composite Gesture

Computer Music

This term covers a broad range of music created through the use of one or more computers. The computer may work as (assistant) composer, as in Algorithmic music. Alternatively the computer…

Fortsätt läsa Computer Music

Contact Microphone

A simple recording technology that allows sound vibration travelling through solid objects to be detected and recorded. Contact microhpones are made from piezoelectric crystals, which induce an electric current when…

Fortsätt läsa Contact Microphone

Contextual listening

Listening for the purpose of identifying and gaining information about a sound’s source. It is the opposite of Musical Listening. (also known as causal listening). Contextual Listening This is a…

Fortsätt läsa Contextual listening


A tool that allows a physical control of a certain parameter. These might take the form of a series of faders, potentiometers or a keyboard interface.

Fortsätt läsa Controller