A process in which a given input signal is looped and repeated, but with some period of time (delay) between the original sound and the repeated sound.  This can be…

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Detached sounds

Detached sounds are separated from one another by slight pauses. In traditional music such sounds are described as staccato (Staccato is the Italian word for detached.)

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The distribution, and relative concentration, of sound through a space. Electroacoustic diffusion refers to the practice of distributing sound throughout a space using multiple loudspeakers, usually with real-time control over…

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The storage format used by computers, where information is broken into individual chunks (packets). Digital is in contrast to Analogue which stores information in continuious streams. Computers store information in binary, using…

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Digital Audio

Computers can’t read continuous signals. Instead they need digits, blocks of information which they can process. Sound wave vibrations in the air are continuous streams of information. Therefore, for computers…

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What is Distortion? Distortion is sometimes used deliberately as an effect, but can also be created accidentally within the process of mixing. If a sound wave is so loud that…

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