The process of selection, cutting, layering and ordering through which elements are combined and polished in the creation of a final work.

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The process of converting sound wave vibrations into electrical signals, or electrical signals into sound wave vibrations. Microphones convert sound wave vibrations into electrical signals and loudspeakers convert electrical signals…

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Electroacoustic music

Music in which electronic technology is used to manipulate, eventually generate, explore and combine sounds. Electroacoustic Music Music in which electronic technology, now primarily computer-based, is used to access, generate,…

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Electronic Music

Music in which the sound material is not pre-recorded, but instead uniquely generated electronically, through oscillators and noise generators. There are some, particularly in the United States, who use this…

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This term is used in two different ways. It is synonymous with certain innovative electronic forms of pop music including so-called Intelligent Dance Music (IDM). Most of this music is…

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The shape of a sound over time. This is a key parameter of sound and by changing the envelope we can radically transform how a something sounds. A more scientific…

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A process by which the various frequency energies of sounds can be balanced, usually using a series of band filters to boost or cut certain portions of the sound. For…

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