Objects that vibrate in a randomised fashion produce sounds that we describe as noisy. This is because the sounds produced contain a random assortment of frequencies. Advanced A term that…

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Noise Music

This term is associated with various forms of music that have focused on Noise as its key sound quality. In the early 20th century, noise was a focus of some works by…

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A form of visual representation for sounds. Traditional notation is designed to describe and represent notes and note-based music, but not as equipped to describe the majority of sounds. Graphic…

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Sounds which have a clearly defined Pitch and Duration, and are the main ingredients in the majority of traditional music.

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NWDR (Northwest German Broadcasting)

Herbert Eimert and Werner Meyer-Eppler persuaded the head of the NWDR to build a studio for electronic music. This studio became one of the most important places for composers to…

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